Goldie Chan: Personal Branding with Purpose

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By Andre LaFontant

Los Angeles, CAAs Founder and Head of Content and Creative for social media strategy agency Warm Robots, Goldie Chan aids globally-recognized brands in bridging the gap between their message and intended audience. Using LinkedIn to share her unique approach to personal branding, Goldie started the #DailyGoldie Channel in 2017.

“I was on a month-long sabbatical in 2017 after my last role as Head of Marketing at a social analytics startup and got into the LinkedIn Video beta,” she recounts. “I thought it would be fun to create video content that I enjoyed. For me, this was pop culture branding and marketing. It was a wonder that people enjoyed the content and started to share it without my prompts.”

After eclipsing four million views on her channel, as a testament to this influencer’s reach, she was dubbed the “Oprah of LinkedIn.”  “It’s pretty wonderful to have the title ‘Oprah of LinkedIn,” she explained.

Goldie’s approach attracts professionals and businesses alike. “As an official LinkedIn Top Voice, my content is recognized as some of the most innovative and creative content on the platform, in the area of social media and marketing,” shares Goldie. With her regular columnist status at Forbes, Goldie’s brand and brand-building tips have a major impact. Corporations that partner with Goldie and Warm Robots gain the insight they need to remain relevant, as potential consumers shift in age.

Gen Z has been creating better ways to communicate in short bursts that aren’t always publicly broadcast,” reveals Goldie. “The extensive use of private Snapchat stories in small groups and Whatsapp chats are a good example. Thinking about how each [generational] group communicates is a great way to understand what leverage you will need in the future to grow your brand.” 

Despite her huge success, Goldie Chan remains grounded in her role as an influencer of color. “So often, I’m the only person of color in the room, and I am representing not only Asian Americans but also all people of color. It’s a heavy weight, but also a responsibility that I have fully taken on. I try to spotlight as many people of color as I can online and through Warm Robots, to uplift their voices. When I think about the legacy I want to leave, I want it to be one of mentorship, kindness, education, and love.”