Gail Lalla: The Road Ahead  

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By Evan C. Loving

Gail Lalla is a Business Development Manager for T&M Associates, a leading national consulting, environmental, engineering, technical services, and construction management company.  Gail is responsible for business development, grants research and procurement, client management, and the cultivation of existing and new client relationships.  She provides a multi-faceted background in renewable energy, environmental planning, and community resilience.  

“I often volunteer my spare time to mentor emerging professionals and help lead a local political action committee that strives to recruit, empower, and engage younger generations to get involved in local government,” she explains. Within her role at T&M Associates, Gail leads civic and charitable initiatives through T&M’s Operation Outreach, Project Lead the Way, Habitat for Humanity and more to support communities in distress. 

Gail’s commitment to community resilience and T&M Associates values has put her on the path to senior leadership. Recently promoted to Associate, Gail looks to 2023 as an opportunity to share her vision and expand the company.  

“My vision for 2023 is to elevate my team members while completing key infrastructure projects that will transform the communities we live and work in; I am very excited for what is on the horizon for my industry, given the voluminous amount of grant dollars for all types of critical projects,” she says. “In the next year I will continue to play an integral role in helping with the company’s expansion, advancement and strategic goals in transportation and environmental practices.” 

When looking back on her career, Gail attributes her success, in part, to her mentor and first professional employer Adam Zellner, the Founder and President of Greener by Design.  

“Mr. Zellner led by example and took the time to understand me and my needs to better support me. He provided me with professional guidance, guided me through complex political landscapes, and helped me to foster a broad array of public and private clientele,” she reflects. “Within the span of a few weeks, Mr. Zellner respected my work ethic and attention to detail enough to delegate key client meetings and research to me.” 

As Gail prepares for the next exciting chapters in her career, she shares the following wisdom with other leaders rising to succeed in 2023: 

“It is important to understand the road ahead or your “why” when striving for success. I have had the fortune of learning the values and importance of establishing a vision with proactiveness and being a team player. I strive to incorporate T&M’s core values by being accountable, doing the right thing, working as a team, and communicating openly and honestly. It’s key for leaders to be confident in the decisions they make. The passion I have for my job makes each day enjoyable and stems from understanding my “why” and purpose towards fulfilling a vision. 

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