Erin Alexander

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Erin Alexander

CEO, Founder, & Podcast Host — Melanin Erin Virtual Assistance

Erin Alexander is a Virtual Assistant Professional and established Podcast Host whose mantra “Design the Lifestyle You Love and Deserve” has been featured on podcasts such as Minding My Black Business and Bad Girls Guide to Love by Ayo Gathing.  Her podcast BOSS; The Business of Soul Searching, reached its peak when it was added to Brown University Student Radio Station Roster in late 2019. Erin utilized her media networking skills to build her listenership and feature her brand on numerous different media outlets. Erin’s strategic and precise attention to detail helped her build her niche-based Podcast Production business, Melanin Erin VA.

Melanin Erin Virtual Assistance amplifies businesses by executing high-level tasks so you can show up authentically in your business. Melanin Erin VA focuses on authenticity and healthy communication to establish rapport. Whether meeting deadlines, fixing invoices, launching a successful podcast, or the hub between your team we will keep you up to date every step of the way.