The Joie de Vivre of Pamela Rosario Pérez

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By Andre LaFontant

When you have a deeply rooted sense of who you are, fortified by a thorough understanding of your past, it’s a foregone conclusion that your future is filled with limitless potential. When you meet someone like Pamela Rosario Pérez—Customer Experience & Business Transformation, Rapid 7—you immediately are struck with that sense of confidence. “My ancestors made tremendous sacrifices to ensure future generations had a better life,” she begins. “They constantly remind me of where we started and how far we’ve come. The trailblazers who laid the path for people like me to succeed remind me that it’s my duty to play my role in this larger movement towards a more equitable world with integrity, fortitude, and humility. My community constantly reminds me of the resourcefulness, boundless creativity, and indomitable joie de vivre of my people. It truly takes a village to raise a child. This is mine.” 

Sheathed in the will of those who came before her, Rosario Pérez doesn’t back down from instilling that passionate will into her fellow constituents. Just as she believes a sense of family provides strength, Rosario Pérez would also attest that great leadership is another source of empowerment. “It’s not about getting results at the expense of others,” she explains. “To me, leadership must employ empathy, joy, and humanity. It is about inviting diverse and unexpected voices to the table, creating opportunities for disruptive thinkers to take charge, constantly challenging the status quo, and inspiring others through actions, not words.” 

With the better part of her career still ahead of her, Pamela Rosario Pérez will continue to grow and spark the brilliance of others. All the while, she’ll lean on “a lineage so resilient, no weapon formed against it shall ever prosper.”