Eric S. Rivas

eric_rivas-125-pxEric S. Rivas 

Director of Operations – Boys and Girls Club of Boston

Former Assistant Vice President Branch Manager – Eastern Bank

Eric S. Rivas is a Boston native of Puerto Rican descent growing up in the city’s thriving Mission Hill neighborhood. Eric is an expert in banking and passionate about giving back to the community. To achieve these goals, Rivas has taken on the role of Director of Operations at the Boys and Girls Club of Boston. He is responsible for daily operations and community development. During his eight-year tenure at Eastern Bank in Back Bay, Eric advocated for the financial needs of his clients and provides them with strong financial chops to reach their goals. Eric has served as a Banker, an Assistant Branch Manager, Assistant Vice President Branch Manager for the bank.

Eric has a passion for growth, seeing his clients win, and most importantly, advocates for their best interest. With a deep knowledge of Business Banking, he educates them by showing his clients how to prosper, thrive, and help their businesses grow organically. Eric takes pride in being involved in his community and doesn’t stop the passion for growth professionally. Eric’s philanthropic pursuits emulate with the work he has done as a board member for two well-known organizations in the Boston Area. Three of the most noteworthy rewards of recognition he has received are 2014 and 2015 Top Performer for Santander Bank, and the 2015 Mission Hill Neighbor Award.

Eric’s goals are connected to his experience, starting a new movement LIFTED, Eric plans to help spread awareness of the concepts and idealism of success and share that knowledge with the masses.