Dr. Melissa Clarke

dr-melissaclarke   Dr. Melissa Clark

   Physician Consultant, Clinical Transformation — 3M Health Care Business Consultant Group

Dr. Melissa Clarke a Harvard-educated physician for over twenty years has been on the frontlines in educating patients about taking an active role in their health care. Through her various roles as a healthcare leader with doctors, academic hospitals, and insurers, Dr. Clarke has seen the need to empower patients as healthcare consumers to best care for themselves and get the highest quality healthcare. With her extensive knowledge of health care, she has been an author in numerous publications and a commentator on radio and television alike. She hosts a weekly Facebook and Instagram Live called Real Talk with Dr. Melissa Clarke and is a weekly medical contributor on the nationally syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show on Radio One. Follow her and subscribe to her social media where she answers your questions and provides valuable health commentary that empowers us to take care of our most valuable resource – our health.