Dr. Max Lataillade

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Dr. Max Lataillade
VP, Head Clinical Development – ViiV Healthcare

Dr. Max Lataillade is Head of Clinical Development for HIV, ViiV Healthcare where He is responsible for the development of new medicines that address key unmet medical needs  for HIV patients. Max ultimately is accountable for several dedicated and diverse HIV teams and leads several programs with a focused approach on developing new antiretroviral agents that are safe and well tolerated with novel mechanisms of action that target key unmet medical needs in treatment naïve and experienced HIV patients. Max in his current role is leading and driving value creation for both patients and ViiV Healthcare.

Max’s career as a physician and scientist has spanned both industry, and as a practicing physician in academia and the community. He has held several positions of increasing leadership and responsibility within several  research and development organizations. He also brings his experience from the clinic, and a patient centered approach to his work.

Max joined ViiV Healthcare in February of 2016, where he currently serves as vice president and head of clinical development, and is accountable for the development of early and late development assets such as the HIV-1 Attachment Inhibitor and the ViiV Healthcare early development pipeline. Max is credited for rapidly introducing and implementing an early development structure, along with several early development teams and programs within ViiV.

Prior to joining ViiV Healthcare, Max was Vice President and Head of Global Development for HIV at Bristol-Myers Squibb where He joined the global clinical research group in 2007 as an infectious disease and HIV specialist from Yale university school of medicine. During his time at BMS, He played an integral role in several virology programs in both HIV and HCV, including helping launch several medicines such as Reyataz, Sustiva and Daklinza. His leadership has also been critical in the early development of several new HIV programs, and has been credited for bringing them to the late development stage. His expertise in HIV and HIV/HCV co-infection, his vision and drive, along with his leadership qualities have been recognized throughout the virology field, academia, and in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2014, He received the prestigious James Palmer Award for excellence in drug development (BMS R&D award), especially for his leadership in accelerating the pace of innovation, and his team’s accelerated development of HIV-1 Maturation Inhibitors.

Max obtained his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey, completed his medical residency training at Temple University and Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Philadelphia in 2004, and completed his fellowship in Infectious Diseases and HIV at Yale University School of Medicine in 2007. Max’s sub-specialty training at Yale was in HIV resistance and also focused on sequencing of antiretroviral agents for HIV positive patients that had developed HIV resistance, and were in dire need of new antiretroviral agents. His passion for developing new and innovative options for HIV patients is well known within and outside of ViiV. Recently, Max’s work along with his colleagues at ViiV Healthcare were featured in Science magazine as “Innovators and Disruptors in HIV research and treatment”. Max is still a physician with a very diversified practice. He is an assistant professor and teaching attending at Yale, and He still volunteers at the West Haven VA HIV clinic in CT.

Outside of work,  Max continues to focus on HIV issues affecting minorities, especially African American Women. Max has been a member and consultant for the AIDS Minority Council. Max also focuses on helping with several health issues in Haiti since the 2011 earthquake.

Max is an avid sports fan, and  is very involved in his children sporting activities. He continues to play soccer every week as a member of the Guilford soccer club in CT. He is a devoted family man and enjoys going out, traveling and exploring the world with his wife and family every year.


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