Dr. Ginny A. Baro: Fearless Founder

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By Princess Jones Curtis

When it comes to enacting positive change in diversity and inclusion, advocates for equality in the workplace need leaders and fearless ones at that. Dr. Ginny Baro founded ExecutiveBound™ and Fearless Women @Work™ after noticing that women are underrepresented in the leadership ranks and facing inequalities compared to their male counterparts. “We are dedicated to supporting leaders to acquire the leadership skills necessary to accelerate professional growth and develop loyal and inspired teams. As our clients’ advocate and ally, we partner with organizations and individuals over a wide range of industries, profit and non-profit sectors, providing the support and structure to develop talent and grow their leadership teams.”

“Business is all about relationships,” she continues “After spending over 25 years working in very competitive Financial Services and Technology environments, I realized that poor leadership is the culprit for significant problems within corporations.” 

ExecutiveBound™ has partnered with a broad range of brands and individual leaders at all levels of management, including Verizon, Merck, The Rockefeller Foundation, and Baker Hughes. Its clients include companies with over 140,000 employees and audiences numbering more than 7,000 people. Shortly after founding her businesses, Dr. Baro wrote the number one bestseller Fearless Women at Work, sharing five strategies for harnessing personal power and creating your career and life by design. 

“To be a fearless woman and leader in the workplace,” she explains, “requires that we get very clear about what we want, not the activities, but the results that we want. It also requires that we build 360° relationships with peers, our managers, and their peers, the team that reports directly to us, mentors, sponsors, and other critical stakeholders in our centers of influence—anyone who influences our success in the role or within the organization.” 

“To be fearless, it’s crucial that we voice our desires and informed opinions and expertise, unapologetically. And that we take proactive actions toward achieving the outcomes we want.

However, it’s difficult to do any of these things if you’re living in fear or limited by beliefs that hold you back from showing up fully to the workplace. By harnessing your Self-leadership and personal power, you can get very clear on how you are showing up, the type of leader you want to become, and how to align who you are today with that compelling version of yourself.”

Dr. Baro is a sought-after motivational speaker, executive coach, career strategist, and author. She is also a graduate of both Rutgers and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. And the creator of the proven method, the C.A.R.E.S. Leadership Success System, and the Fearless Leadership Mastermind™, a coaching program that teaches leaders how to harness Self-leadership and their personal power. Relying on her innate understanding of how to connect with large audiences, she advises knowing your audience before tailoring your message. “It’s essential to understand the target audience, craft our messages accordingly, and adopt a communication style that reflects the audience and the message. Communicating with large audiences effectively also requires authenticity. An audience can smell BS 100 miles away. Be real, share your vulnerabilities, your struggles, and your triumphs to help them move forward confidently.”

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Baro emigrated to the U.S. as a teenager. Drawing from her experiences as a person of color in the US, Dr. Baro encourages other professionals of color to be intentional about how we spend our resources, energy, time, and finances. “We must understand that while systemic limitations exist, we can develop ourselves to reach our potential. We all have the right to reach our leadership potential. And to do that, we must enlist ourselves and become our biggest advocates.”

To learn more about her work, contributions, and to explore collaboration opportunities, visit www.executivebound.com.