Discover the Essence of India

Essence of India is a series of celebrations of Indian culture and diversity, held yearly in the month of August in Boston Metro West. It was born in 2012 from the desire to share and imbibe the immense variety of Indian culture and to shape a collective identity that is bigger than any of us — one that binds the immensely diverse cultures, experiences and expressions of India and those of the U.S.

Many of these experiences are uniquely Indian that cannot be supplanted or rediscovered anywhere else giving local communities to have a chance to explore and uphold what is inspiring and uplifting and, at the same time, entertaining and delightful.

So, Essence of India is held as a collective effort to behold and explore the Indian heritage in its fullest splendor. The hope is that people will make it their own, not through singing and dance, but by invoking its soul through modern and classical traditions, festivals, great epics, cultural icons, pioneering achievements in science and arts, and most of all, its plurality of crafts, cultures, and languages.

Essence of India 2017 takes place on Saturday, August 19th, 2017 from 2–7:30 PM at NARA Park in Acton, MA