Diana Lee, On Diversity Marketing

NEW YORK, NY — Constellation Agency, a leader in digital advertising and marketing technology, offers a suite of marketing options for clients looking to reach diverse audiences using in-language marketing campaigns. Constellation developed customized social, SEM, display and other digital packages that are designed to communicate effectively with consumers who reflect the diverse US population. 

Diana Lee, co-founder and CEO of Constellation, was in automotive marketing for 30 years before launching the agency. She said, “Diversity and inclusion must be key elements of an effective marketing strategy. Serving content in our customers’ preferred languages builds trust and understanding. Most importantly, it drives employee engagement by reflecting the diversity of their staff and communities.”

Their language-based strategies are currently being employed by a bevy of automotive dealerships throughout the country including a host of Audi dealers in the Northeast, most recently in support of their Summer of Audi and Season of Audi paid social campaigns.

Nathalie Carpenter, Eastern Region Marketing Manager at Audi of America said, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate with Constellation Agency to provide our dealers with paid social campaigns that are supporting their sales efforts. They are a best-in-class agency that has the ability to create personalized messages to diverse audiences. By combining stunningly beautiful creative, dialed in audience-based campaigns and multi-language ad units, Constellation is delivering superb results.”

About Constellation Agency:

Constellation is a digital media agency specializing in cutting-edge performance marketing solutions. Constellation’s New York City-based team utilizes proprietary marketing technology and insights to develop impactful digital marketing strategies and deliver the most engaging ads to target audiences.

Constellation offers a suite of digital advertising packages as well as a SaaS self-serve ad platform. www.constellationagency.com.