Dani Monroe: Integrating Empathy with the Hospital System

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By Karla Amador

Boston, MA — As Chief Diversity and Inclusion officer at Partners HealthCare (PHC), Dani Monroe creates pathways for empathy, employee and community engagement, and quality health care for Partners Healthcare’s patient population.

Partners HealthCare, the largest private employer and healthcare system in the state of Massachusetts, is dedicated to quality patient care, research, teaching, focus on community, professional development, and education for their 73,000 employees. Monroe is proud to note that her strategies assist PHC’s patient populations in receiving the best possible medical experience from a staff that they can identify with.

“Belonging is the critical factor in inclusion, and our goal is to embrace all of our patients, no matter their background. We are able to integrate patient care with diversity and inclusion, in welcoming environments, with staff who are compassionate and culturally competent.”

At Partners Healthcare, Monroe is responsible for ensuring that PHC improves its inclusiveness strategies, for both patients and employees, by further understanding patients’ socio-economic backgrounds and communities and by preparing the staff to maintain a comprehensive perspective in its patient services. She also reviews Human Resource demographics and engagement scores to create a foundation of strategies to improve, innovate, and accelerate Diversity and Inclusion.

“Empathy plays a key role in recognizing and addressing the needs of patients. It’s important to remember that a patient is a person first,” said Monroe. “Understanding each patient as a whole person assists with patient healing. Our dedicated healthcare team is devoted to serving patient engagement and assessing patients’ health in a way that will benefit them as people who are a part of our PHC family and community, not as patients with symptoms.”

To become an effective leader, Monroe believes that one must follow their professional purpose and achieve their goals by listening to others, sharing, and implementing ideas from around the table.

As Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at PHC, Monroe is honored to play a role in creating a high-performing organization in which the employees’ talents and potential are maximized every day.

“Our employees understand the difficulties of patient care and transfer well-intentions into actions. They are encouraged to do their best and are proud of the work they do,” said Monroe.

“Working at Partners is an incredible privilege. I’ve come to better understand the work that goes into a hospital system and how it impacts the lives of people for the better.”