Dance Fitness Meets Tech with Upcoming Community App

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By Karla Amador

Do you like to dance? Are you looking for dance fitness classes? Or are you a dance fitness instructor looking to market to new students? Either way, look no further than DanceLove App, a new app catered for the dance fitness community, launching early 2018.

Founder and CEO, Pat Lang, was inspired to build a social network for the dance community after dance fitness changed his life.

“I was concerned about my long-term health because I was overweight and began getting in shape after taking some Zumba classes,” he said.

Lang tried various gym sites and different social networks, but the lack of integration between platforms made building connections difficult. Lang wanted to create a solution that allowed people to easily network and stay in touch through dance fitness.


In the upcoming release, DanceLove App will feature a personalized feed where users can share status updates and discover relevant topics and profiles. It will also enable instructors to share their schedules and promote classes. Students will be able to locate and RSVP for classes using DanceLove App’s interactive map and course finder.

He saw an opportunity to bring a new product to life and began prototyping the DanceLove App with developer Max Boulat.

Lang and Boulat met at an “Appy Hour” meetup group for app developers based in San Diego. Initially, Boulat intended to work with Lang in an advisory capacity, but soon realized that committing to this project would give him the opportunity to work as a software architect.

“What set Lang apart was that he had the kind of experience that people who are looking for a developer don’t [usually] have. He already had a demo version of his app to show,” said Boulat.

Lang takes pride in the App’s creative and innovative interface design. “The dynamic effects, colors, and detailed micro-animations are sure to delight users.”


DanceLove App is no longer just a demo, but a full-scale IOS application, designed to be user-friendly and easy for dancers to find events, classes, and new friends.

Lang is currently building brand awareness by meeting with dance instructors and introducing the dancing community to the many features of DanceLove App.

“We’re working on implementing all the features, which will take this from a concept proof to release,” said Boulat.

Dance Love App is expected to go LIVE early 2018.

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