Dr. Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez, Ph.D. President – DRR Advisors LLC Dr. Robert Rodriguez is the president of DRR Advisors LLC, a diversity consulting firm with a specialization in employee resource group optimization. ...
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Dr. Teresa Nelson

Dr. Teresa Nelson is a Professor at Simmons University Business School and a Principal of The Impact Seat, a research and consulting practice focused on inclusive innovation ( “My goal...
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Jackie Glenn

 Jackie Glenn Founder and CEO, Corporate Culture Architect, and Career Development Advisor — GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions A pioneering Diversity and Inclusion expert Jackie Glenn lives by the mantra, “It’s better...
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Dr. Beverly Edgehill

Dr. Beverly EdgeHill  Senior VP, Global Head Organizational Development, TJX Companies, Inc For 30 years, Dr. Edgehill has been a transformational leader, integrator of large-scale change strategies and a stabilizer...
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