Boston Bhangra at The Orpheum

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The 14th annual Boston Bhangra Competition will take place on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at the Orpheum Theatre, hosting the best bhangra teams from North America who will compete to be crowned the Boston Bhangra Champions.

Bhangra is a folk dance from the state of Punjab and parts of Pakistan. It is a very energetic and fun dance to watch. It has been compared to a fusion of hip hop and cheerleading with a cultural twist. It has been integrated into many hip hop/reggae songs, and is one of the most upcoming foreign dance forms in the world.

Teams coming from all over the North America to compete. There will also have special guest performances by Bhangra legend Ashok Gill from the India, He is the voice behind Punjabi MC and hit songs like Morni, Gora Gora, Bari Barsi, Balle Balle, Nachna Ounda Nahin and many more.


The 14th annual Boston Bhangra Competition takes place at the Orpheum Theatre on Nov. 11. Showtime is 6 PM. Tickets $12 – $100. For more Information: 617-448-2508 /