Bernette Dawson: How Entrepreneurs Are M.A.D.E.

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By Karla Amador

Boston, MA — Bernette Dawson, founder and co-owner of MADE organics, never anticipated she would become an entrepreneur. She discovered her new calling shortly after learning that her son would be prescribed a harsh topical ointment to treat his rare skin condition. From humble beginnings, Bernette’s skin care products grew in popularity. With the encouragement of her friends, she made the switch and began distributing MADE Organics online.

“I never thought of turning my homemade products into a personal brand or growing a business out of it and thankfully I had my family and friends for their support,” she says.

A registered nurse and The WIN Lab at Babson College alumni with a degree in business from Brandeis University, Bernette is specially equipped to formulate and distribute healthy, organic beauty care products. Initially, Bernette shared her products among friends and family. The year-long accelerator program, however, was a pivotal point in Bernette’s career. and provided her a deeper understanding of creating, branding, and selling her product. “Those experiences were so transformative. WIN Lab empowered me to pivot and establish the brand that became MADE Organics,” she explains.

A Selection of MADE Organics Whipped Body Butters (courtesy of MADE Organics)

A Selection of MADE Organics Whipped Body Butters (courtesy of MADE Organics)

MADE which stands for “Mother Approved Daily Essentials” features simple and natural home remedies made from mom. One of her most popular products is MADE Organics whipped body butter which helps control eczema, based on a recent review by one of her clients.

“MADE Organics is my pride and joy and I love being hands-on and helping people in real time.” As a result, Bernette is currently working on selling her products as wholesale items and securing larger accounts with hotels. In fact, MADE is slated to be distributed to Encore Hotels soon, so keep your eyes on this booming brand.

Bernette is also part of a community of fellow entrepreneurs with the intent to “Level Up” in 2019. To “Level Up” means strategizing with her network to empower each other and increase returns on investment.

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