This Friday, December 16th, President Barack Obama’s story will be told in the movie Barry. Barry first premiered on September 10th at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Now, audiences will get to learn how he became an advocate for change and the man that he is today.

The film follows a young Barack Obama in New York City after matriculating at Columbia University. While in New York City in the early 80s, he wasn’t Barack Obama, instead he was just Barry—a man who wanted to make a difference. Although the odds were often against him, racially, he continued to persevere. Viewers will get an inside look into how he felt being biracial and not knowing where he fit in.

Actor Devon Terrell worked with a dialect coach in order to perfect the character he was playing and because of it, his portrayal of Obama is uncanny—from his mannerisms to the inflection in his voice. The film was directed and produced by Vikram Gandhi, who has worked on a few different documentary films and television series such as Vice and Kumaré.

Be sure to watch Barry on Netflix Thursday, December 16th!