Alpa Inamdar: Bringing Change to Business

Alpa Inamdar is the Head of the Americas Business Change Group within Asset Servicing at BNY Mellon, which is part of Investment Services. She is responsible for the overall program management and oversight of client implementations for Asset Servicing. What she enjoys most about her role is that she gets to work on client solutions that support their complex business requirements. The majority of her day is spent on identifying problems and developing solutions.

“Before working at BNY Mellon, I was at Goldman Sachs who provided me an opportunity to come back to the workforce after six years of hiatus. Goldman Sachs provided me with a valuable experience with its fast-paced, challenging, and stimulating professional environment.”

Alpa is very passionate about providing an opportunity to people to come back to the workforce. “These are experienced professionals who may have left their jobs through no fault of their own, and they deserve a chance,” she explained, praising her current employer for being progressive. She currently is working on a program called “Take Two” with the support of senior leaders to tap into this talent pool that could make a valuable contribution to their organization.

“I am really fortunate to have mentors, sponsors, and role models who guide and challenge me constantly. Karen Peetz, BNY Mellon’s former President who was ranked at the top of American Banker’s 2016 Most Powerful Women in Banking list, emphasized the importance of detailed client knowledge to build sustainable client relationships while mentoring me at BNY Mellon.”

In Alpa’s role at BNY Mellon, she oversees the development of cross-functional transition plans for new business opportunities and high profile, complex initiatives for existing clients. This, in addition to her passion for the rehiring rights of employees facing personal crises, keeps Alpa extremely busy. She was quick to mention, though, that she does have some extracurricular activities.

“I’m a California girl,” she said. “So I love to go to the beach and surf.”