5 Inspiring Women in Tech

It’s no secret that women have had to break through an exceptionally difficult glass ceiling in the tech world. Decades ago, having a woman work in technology was almost unheard of. Yet, today, we’re starting to see more and more women fulfilling roles in tech and even creating their own companies in the process. Here are five women in tech to keep an eye out for…


Tracy Young, CEO and Co-Founder of PlanGrid

If people were scratching their heads about women and tech, then they’ll probably be scratching their heads about a woman in construction. Enter Tracy Young, CEO and co-founder of PlanGrid, a construction app that helps connect designers with construction workers to better communicate on their projects. From majoring in construction management at Sacramento State to starting her own company, Young is a woman in tech to watch!


Leila Janah, CEO and Co-Founder of Sama

As an initiative to help end global poverty, Leila Janah started Sama—a company that helps give work to people in need. Not only does Sama help train those living in poverty for these jobs, but they also ensure that these people are able to obtain jobs that are more dignified. Janah is an inspiration to us all as she continues to work toward helping people rise above poverty and employing well over 7,000 people.


Zakiya Harris, Chief Education Officer and Co-Founder of Hack the Hood

Children really are the future when it comes to the goals of Hack the Hood. Hack the Hood is a nonprofit that helps teach low-income, young boys and girls of color how to create websites for businesses within their communities. By training these kids for careers in tech, Zakiya Harris and her team are breaking down barriers and stereotypes so that children of color can have bright futures.


Ruzwana Bashir, CEO of Peek

Traveling and looking for an adventure? Look no further! Ruzwana Bashir created a great website, Peek.com, for anyone visiting a new city and excited to explore. Peek allows people to book activities based on the city they’re in. Whether it’s a walking tour of Greenwich Village in New York City or Wine Tasting in Napa Valley, they’ve got you covered. Booking activities is just a click away thanks to the innovative mind of Bashir.  


Sarah Kunst, CEO and Founder of ProDay

If you want to exercise or train like one of your favorite athletes, you can now do so with Sarah Kunst’s fitness app, ProDay. After traveling around and not being able to exercise when she wanted to, she got the idea to create the ProDay app. Kunst is changing the way people exercise by allowing the app users to workout anytime, anywhere with professional athletes.