3 Things to Look Forward to During the Women of Color Conference

Color Magazine will be holding the 7th annual Women of Color Leadership and Empowerment Conference on June 23rd. This event will be hosted by Harvard Law School and feature sessions with a selection of influential executive leaders. The executives will discuss their careers and offer excellent advice on how to move forward in your own career and become the effective leader you were born to be. Here are three things you definitely won’t want to miss:


Unrivaled Connections and the Opportunity to Build Your Brand

The executive leaders are drawing in a crowd of professionals that you’ll certainly want to network with. You will have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with leaders from all over the Greater Boston area. It’ll give you the chance to build more professional relationships with those who are bringing innovation and new ways of thinking into the workforce. You will also learn how other professionals are creating their personal brand and find out how to build your own.


Executive Sessions

You will also be able to hear executive leaders speak in motivating sessions that will encourage you to keep moving forward. Dawn Frazier-Bohnert will discuss how to “Unplug the Power of Bias” and ignore messages from the media that tell you otherwise. Monica Molina Austin will lead a discussion titled “What is Your Thinking…Style?” where she will challenge you to identify the type of thinker you are. “Tapping Your Talent: Eliminating Self-Imposed Barriers” with Dani Monroe will talk about persevering in the face of adversity and getting rid of whatever is holding you back from your accomplishments. You will learn how to “Embrace the ‘Yay’ Sayers” with Georgianna Melendez and how to surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. With each and every one of these sessions, you will be encouraged to go forth and be the outstanding leader that you are meant to be.


Being Inspired by Women of Color in Leadership Positions

The executives who will be speaking during the conference hold leadership positions in their respective fields. Dawn Frazier-Bohnert is the Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Liberty Mutual. Monica Molina Austin is the Founder and President of Westwind, LLC, a leadership coaching and consulting organization. Executive Panelist, Michele Courton Brown, is the Chief Executive Officer of Quality Interactions, an organization that helps train healthcare professionals on how to communicate efficiently with patients. You will walk away from this conference being inspired and motivated by these executives because of their achievements and their strong commitment to what they do.


For more information about the 8th annual Women of Color Leadership and Empowerment Conference on June 23rd, click HERE.