3 Things to Look Forward to During the Men of Color Conference

The annual Men of Color Leadership Conference (MOC) will be hosted by Liberty Mutual Insurance on Thursday, October 6, 2016. This year Color Media Group and Color Magazine has many exciting speakers coming to the conference to inspire the next generation of men of color, to help make unforgettable and unrivaled connections, and to speak more about leadership development.


  1. Men of Color Executives Inspiring the Next Generation


This year’s speakers and panelists hold leadership positions within their companies and organizations. Ed Rodriguez is the President of Penmar Industries in Stratford, CT. In the past, he was the Commissioner of the Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission and currently serves on several boards. Dean Seavers is the Executive Director at National Grid. He’s held various senior management positions at Tyco International Ltd. and is currently a Board member of Red Hawk Fire & Security, LLC.  


     2. Thought-Provoking Panel Discussion

If you want to learn more about leadership development, then you’ll definitely want to attend the panel discussion. All of the men who are speaking at the conference hold high, executive positions and they’re experts in the fields. If there’s anything you’d want to know about moving forward in your career, these are the men you’ll want to ask for advice. Discussions will focus on the kind of leadership components to embrace, the cultural norms that are often left behind, and significant crossroads that they’ve faced along the way.


  1. The Opportunity to Make Unforgettable Connections

The speakers and panelists participating in MOC are extremely influential and because of that, they’ll be reeling in tons of professionals of color that you’ll want to meet and greet with. The reception part of the conference is one of the most favored elements because it allows people from different companies and backgrounds to get together and network. Ordinarily, these men might not have the opportunity to connect with such a diverse group this way, but with the MOC conference, the networking opportunities are endless!


What are you looking forward to at the Men of Color Leadership Conference?