Tiffani Scott: Building Up D&I Around the Globe

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By Juri Love

As Global Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Leader at Becton Dickinson (BD), the third largest medical technology company in the world, Tiffany Scott assists in the development and implementation of BD’s strategies to create a more inclusive workplace and corporate culture.

“I work with our regions around the world to help them put in place an action plan for creating a more inclusive workplace, [as well as] with various employee resource groups for our African American, Asian, Latino, LGBT, Veteran, Women employees,” says Scott. “I am able to meet various employees from around the world at BD, and it’s great connecting with diversity professionals from other companies.”

Taking key areas at BD to a higher level is the core of Scott’s strategy. Whether improving program efficiency, saving money, or increasing associates’ engagement, Scott is motivated and excited by “building something from nothing.”

Seeing happier and more comfortable employees at work achieve increased productivity, as a result of their renewed passion for what they do, also inspires Scott to continue building.

“Working in a place where everyone’s voice is heard and [where everyone] feels empowered is important to me, and to [them],” she says.

As a leader, Scott believes it’s essential to be empathetic, to value different opinions and perspectives, and to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes.

“I think emotional intelligence is important, in terms of how you deal with different people and how you achieve [both] your goal and theirs. Persistence is important, [as well as] being able to bounce back. If you’re disappointed, or [if] things don’t go your way, it’s important to hang in there and keep at it,” affirms Scott.

If she were to give advice to her younger self, it would be: Don’t listen to naysayers. “People might have told me [that] I couldn’t do something, or [that] it wasn’t possible.  [I] just ignore those people, because I can do or believe whatever it is I want to do or believe.”

Scott sees the challenge of being a person of color in 2018, but believes that it’s always important to speak up and speak out. “I think it’s important that people of color realize that they matter. They also need to find allies in white male [coworkers]; you all have to work together, in order to make things better for everyone,” reflects Scott. This is an “opportunity to make things better for future generations.”