Stepping Into the Community Mindset

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By Evan Cutts

Eric Rivas, Assistant Vice President at Eastern Bank – Back Bay, is responsible for managing and developing his staff, building lasting relationships with clients, and supporting the neighborhood that he serves.

Rivas has nearly a decade of banking experience and chose to work for Eastern Bank because of its outstanding history of supporting consumer banking, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations, such as Mission Hill Health Movement and Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción (IBA).

Raised by his grandparents in Roxbury, Rivas feels a strong sense of connection to his neighborhood and strives to give back as much as possible. Serving as Assistant Vice President at Eastern Bank for the past year, Rivas will manage the bank’s new Roxbury branch, slated to open in early 2018.

“I’m fortunate to be in a position to deliver real impact to my neighborhood and I want to continue to elevate my community any way I can,” Rivas said.  “Anything from supporting small businesses, to helping individuals purchase homes, or build their credit—I want to help them succeed.”

Rivas looks forward to the opportunity to continue establishing relationships with and assisting consumer and small business clients. Rivas understands, that as a mutual bank, Eastern Bank is well positioned to serve the needs of these clients.

“It is a reflection of my leadership skills to develop a team that can understand the unique needs of each client and builds new relationships for the bank. My drive is a reflection of the leadership I have and the support Eastern Bank has for my goals and development,” Rivas said.

It is through the support of Eastern Bank that Rivas will be returning to school to complete his degree.

“The goal has always been to climb higher, partner with the right institution, and give more to communities, like Roxbury and Mission Hill,” Rivas said.

Outside the office, Rivas promotes financial literacy and awareness through his YouTube podcast, Living Independent Financially Through Educated Decisions (LIFTED).

His mission is to provide Bostonians with financial resources and strategies through an open dialogue where local entrepreneurs and successful business people offer their perspectives and insights.

“To be a man of color in 2017, is an obligation to support and elevate the parties I represent—to put myself in a greater position to deliver meaningful financial impact at Eastern Bank, my home, and my community,” said Rivas.