Pamela Rosario Pérez

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Pamela Rosario Pérez

Customer Experience & Business Transformation — Rapid7
Pamela is an award-winning business leader in the areas of customer experience (CX) and cybersecurity services. A collaborative problem-solver, her work has inspired public and private sector leaders to bridge the gap between the high-tech economy and historically marginalized communities through cross-sectoral initiatives such as the CyberWarrior Academy, Massachusetts’ first certified cybersecurity and machine learning apprenticeship for women, veterans, and people of color. Her passion for experience improvement began in politics, where she successfully managed the campaign of Cambridge’s first Vice Mayor of Afro-Latinx descent and wrote legislation to improve constituent experiences. It was later honed at Hubspot, where she designed experiences to re-engage disenchanted channel customers and transform small business owners into product evangelists. Today, you can find Pamela redesigning how customers engage with cybersecurity advisors globally at Rapid7.
Pamela is a first-generation investor and entrepreneur. Her passion for real estate investing led her to found Rocena Real Estate Strategies, an investment firm that teaches Black and Latinx communities how to build wealth through real estate and offers scholarships to high school students looking to drive change in their communities. By increasing access to real estate knowledge, she hopes to empower folks of disenfranchised backgrounds to see real estate investing as a vehicle for economic mobility. Want to hear what is was like to be raised by a dozen teenagers? Her unconventional upbringing is covered in “The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children” by Harvard economist Ronald Ferguson and award-winning journalist Tatsha Robertson.
Her accolades include, but are not limited to:
– 2021: COLOR – Publisher’s Award for Innovative Achievement
– 2019: El Mundo Boston – 30 under 30 Most Influential Latino Leaders Award
– 2018: Chica Project – “Mentor of the Year” Award
– 2016: Hubspot – L4 Services Award
– 2011: Strong Women, Strong Girls – “Above and Beyond Mentor”

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