NaturAll Empowerment Earns Muhga Eltigani “Forbes 30 Under 30” Recognition

By Evan J. Cutts 

Muhga Eltigani is a young Black woman applying creative and all natural solutions to address the needs of Black hair products in today’s market.

At the age of twenty-five, Eltigani, founder of NaturAll Club fresh fruit hair products, has just received the honor of being added to the “2017 Forbes 30 Under 30” List for Retail and ECommerce success.

NaturAll Club is a monthly subscriber-based company, providing hair care products for curlier and kinkier textures using fresh fruit and other all-natural ingredients such as avocado, shea butter, and lavender essential oils.

What became a successful hair care product company, began as a personal journey for Eltigani. While studying law at the University of Pennsylvania in 2012, Eltigani decided to cut off her hair and start fresh. She started making her own hair products and documenting her growth through video journals.


“Starting fresh, for me, wasn’t just about making my own hair products for a certain period of time. It was about starting afresh with my mental state, learning about myself, my hair, and finding a community of Black women learning what it means to be ‘natural,’” said Eltigani.

At the suggestion of her roommate at the time, Eltigani started sharing her video journals on YouTube. In time, she found her experience resonated with a wide audience of other women of color. Her YouTube channel became a community hub where Eltigani would test new recipes and review them with her subscribers, which is currently clocked in at 45,000.

“Early on, I would read every comment on my YouTube page. That’s how I learned that many women found it difficult to maintain a consistent hair regimen when they were responsible for regularly acquiring, mixing, and testing their own ingredients,” said Eltigani. “I saw a gap there and decided to start NaturAll Club to fill it.”


Eltigani recognizes that for other companies, using fresh ingredients is not cost effective due to their shorter shelf life. To combat this, Eltigani and her team devised a monthly subscriber system in order to provide the freshest products at a consistent rate for her buyers.

“At NaturAll Club, we want to put women of color at the forefront, so they no longer need to rely on hair products that aren’t designed for us,” said Eltigani. “Every time someone picks up a NaturAll Club product, I want them to feel empowered.

Much like Rihanna’s cosmetic line Fenty Beauty, NaturAll Club is witnessing considerable growth now that an overlooked market is receiving the attention it deserves.

To keep the machine running, Eltigani and her team wear numerous hats to address the needs of the company. As Eltigani describes it: “no two days are alike.” Eltigani links NaturAll Club’s growth to its standard for authenticity and transparency, from its customer service to its ingredients.

She told Color Magazine with a laugh and clear confidence: “Someone had to start L’Oreal. We’re going to be the next global Consumer Packaged Goods company focusing on natural beauty products.”

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