Millennials in the U.K. Shout Out Loud with Podcasts

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All images courtesy of The ShoutOut Network.


No matter where you are, one thing is for sure—podcasting has become increasingly popular amongst the millennial generation. After listening to African American podcasts and relating to many of the opinions that were shared, ShoutOut Network Founder Efe Jerome became inspired to create something similar. ShoutOut Network is an organization of podcasts geared toward the diverse communities in the U.K.

The ShoutOut Network official launch party took place in August of 2016. Today, it is the U.K.’s home of “underrepresented podcasts, talent, stories, and voices.” The ShoutOut Network features podcasts such as Melanin Millennials, Mostly Lit, Artistic State of Mind, and Two Talking Fools. Together, these podcasts capture the true essence of what it means to be a millennial living in the U.K.

The CEO and Co-founder of the ShoutOut Network, Imriel Morgan, is also the co-host of the Melanin Millennial podcast. She hosts the show with Satia Sa Dias, whom she met through friends of friends while in college. Here, Morgan and Sa Dias talk about many different topics—politics, mental health, sex, etc.

“I would say that if you’re a strong, opinionated woman, then you’re a melanin millennial,” says Morgan.


She hopes that listeners can learn something new from each and every episode. Morgan believes that podcasts are popular with millennials because of the level of intimacy they provide.

“It fulfills that kind of hybrid need to be connected,” says Morgan. “There’s that constant voice in your head—it gives you the ability to do two things at once.”

This spring, the network will introduce the ShoutOut Live Festival, which will bring together podcasters and podcast listeners from the U.K. and the U.S. The festival will put the spotlight on podcasts old and new, and all podcasts will be recorded live in front of an audience.

“It was one of the biggest passion projects that we thought would be unachievable,” says Morgan. “But it became achievable.”

The festival lineup will include popular podcasts: Another Round, The Friend Zone, How to Kill an Hour, Ground Ego, Off the Cuff, and many others. According to Morgan, attendees should look forward to a lot of laughing, surprise celebrity guests, and the opportunity to make new friends with like-minded people.

Be sure to check out Melanin Millennials and the other ShoutOut Network podcasts!