Maceo Brings the Funk to Scullers


His name is synonymous with Funky Music.

His pedigree is impeccable.

His band is the tightest little funk orchestra on earth.

Can you guess who He is?

The answer, of course, is Maceo Parker. He’s the sax sound you’ve heard on tours with everyone from James Brown to Parliament Funkadelic to Prince. His studio collaborations over the years have included Ray Charles, Ani Difranco, James Taylor, De La Soul, Dave Matthews Band and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Longtime friend and collaborator Ani DiFranco sums it up best: “”When people talk about legends they mean ‘they’re done, but boy did they do good’ when I think of Maceo Parker I think of legendary funk master and horn player, but not ‘legend’ in the term that he’s done. He’s still doing it. And that to me makes a really legendary person.”

All the praise in the world pales, though, in comparison to hearing the man play lie in concert. Go hear him play as Maceo Parker comes to Scullers Jazz Club for two shows on Friday, Oct. 14; one at 7 PM and a second show at 10 PM.