Luke Cooper: The Talented Entrepreneur

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By Evan J. Cutts

Major change begins with a challenge or question and is made through seeking out the answers.

“Imagine damaging your phone on the way to work and as you walk off the bus, someone hands you a new phone. How can we make that happen?” asked Luke Cooper, Founder, and CEO of Fixt, a digital platform providing on-demand mobile repair and replacement for enterprise customers.

The question is less hypothetical than it seems. At the 2014 Boomtown Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado, Cooper damaged his phone while traveling.

“The empathy in each passenger’s reaction showed they knew the hassle I’d face replacing my phone,” said Cooper.

Fixt ventures to become “the primary utility responsible for the automated repair and maintenance of every internet-connected device.” The app runs on a platform similar to Uber, where customers request technician support and it is delivered directly to them.

Fixt lists 2500 technicians currently working nationwide and is partnered with clients such as Coca-Cola and Stanford University. Cooper also informed Color Magazine that to date, Fixt has retained each client that has tried their product.

What is it about the Fixt approach that is so successful?

“We’re in the kind of business where the customer experience must be near perfect. We spend a lot of time asking how to perfect our platform and our client’s experience,” said Cooper.

“A lot of startups make the mistake of drawing a false equivalence between fundraising and validation,” said Cooper. “What you truly need in a startup is traction and an intense focus on mapping validated customer needs to the product.”

Self-described as “entrepreneurial by nature,” Cooper brings a unique mind and skill set to the technology insurance market. With an MBA from Babson College and several years’ experience as a corporate lawyer for DLA Piper and State Farm, Cooper feels equipped to transfer his expertise into the technology sector.

“Understanding the engineering mindset and how technology needs to evolve is a tool that a law background will prepare you to utilize well,” said Cooper.

Born on the cusp of Millennial and Generation X, Cooper noted his particular cultural and historical upbringing further prepared him to for success in today’s digital age.

“As a Black man, I want to represent progress and success for other Black people. Using the space I occupy to transform the world, I believe it is important to have one foot in the ‘old’ and another in the ‘new.’”