Los Lonely Boys tale to date is already the stuff legends are made of: playing behind their father as kids in cantinas and honky-tonks, moving to Nashville in their teens to try to win a record deal, returning to their native Texas, where the brothers made their bones on the club scene as a live act and finally releasing their self-titled debut, which goes double platinum and then penning a #1 radio hit in “Heaven.”


Two more stellar studio albums followed: Sacred (2006) and Forgiven (2008). In 2009, they cut 1969, an EP that leaps back four decades to reveal how the group’s roots extend well past their birthdates on songs by The Beatles, Santana, The Doors, Buddy Holly and Tony Joe White. 2010 brought about the release of Keep On Giving: Acoustic Live!, a snapshot of their recent acoustic tour.


In 2014, the band released Rockpango. And after eight years of championship seasons, Rockpango paved the way for Los Lonely Boys to enter the rock & roll pantheon of legendary musical artists while also remaining true to themselves. “We’re still Lonely Boys,” JoJo insists, chuckling in agreement that they are also now Los Lonely Men who have truly come of age on their latest. “We’re still family, we’re still three brothers, we’re still doing what the good Lord has blessed us with, and that’s singing and playing for people who really want to listen.”




Los Lonely Boys play The Cabot on Sunday, Jun 26, Showtime is 6 PM (Doors open at 5 PM). Ticket Price: $29.00 – $49.00