Lizje Performs Along The Harborwalk


Born in Los Angeles, California on the 2nd of May, Colombian performer Lizje Sarria is a versatile composer, arranger, and solo artist of soulful music. Her journey into music began at the age of three when she started singing. Enriched by the voices she heard while growing up, Lizje learned to love music from the voices Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and all kinds of Soulful music. Her first piano lesson came at the age of 10.


As the young girl became a young woman, the music she heard expanded to include samples from all over the world. Colombian folklore, bands like Ascend the Hill and Delirious; and the voices of the likes of Mahaila Jackson, Whitney Houston, Lauren Hill, Dianne Reves, Mercedes Sosa, Concha Buika and more enriched her voice and her knowledge. They inspired her to continue learning and training her instrument to perfection, and allowed her music to blossom.


Her focus for the past years has been to develop a profound artistic venture, both in her personal and professional life. This includes a deep sensitivity and special sentiment of service that she has devoted to social work, as well as the collaboration in the Haiti Relief by composing a song titled “Believe”.


Lizje Sarria will perform at the ICA on Thu, Jul 27, from 6–8:30 PM. Admission is free. Part of the Harborwalk Series