“Without question, the most important liberation movement in American ­history — from Jacksonian democracy to gay rights — was the long struggle against slavery,” wrote the New York Times. “Abolition established the principles and rhetoric, while setting the strategies and tactics that have guided all subsequent reform movements.”


Come to the Museum African American History on Nov. 10 at 6:30 PM and hear Manisha Sinha discuss her highly acclaimed new book, “The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition”. Her book looks beyond the well-known stories of white abolitionists in America, and focuses on a more transnational view of the abolition movement. Book signing and reception follow.


Manisha Sinha is the Draper Chair in American History at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. She was born in India and received her Ph.D from Columbia University. She is the author of The Counterrevolution of Slavery: Politics and Ideology in Antebellum South Carolina (2000). She received the Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award as well as the Chancellor’s Medal, the highest faculty honor, from the University of Massachusetts, where she taught for over twenty years.


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