HACR: Driving Corporate Inclusion Forward

The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is dedicated to ensuring that Hispanics have a place in Corporate America. HACR was founded almost thirty-one years ago by Hispanic leaders Jake Alarid (American GI Forum), Augustin de Goytisolo (Cuban National Planning Council, Inc – now the Cuban American National Council), Oscar Moran (League of United Latin American Citizens), Raul Yzaguirre (National Council of La Raza), Annabelle Jaramillo (National Image, Inc.), Hector Velazquez (National Puerto Rican Coalition, Inc.), and Hector Barreto (U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce).

They wanted to make sure that Corporate America embraced Hispanic inclusion within their companies.

With HACR’s different leadership development programs, Hispanics who are looking to advance their careers, can gain the skills necessary to succeed.

“Our program participants range from mid-level managers to Hispanic Corporate Directors,” says Ariana Solis Gomez, Director of Communications at HACR.

The organization has five signature programs that they host throughout the spring and fall. The HACR Corporate Directors Summit™ (CDS) gathers Hispanic directors from Fortune 500 companies as well as corporate HACR members to further discuss challenges and solutions to increase the number of Hispanics on corporate boards.

The HACR Corporate Executives Forum™ (CEF) gathers Hispanic executives to network and discuss some of the issues they face within their respective roles and what can be done to address them.

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HACR Young Hispanics Corporate Achievers™ (YHCA) focuses the spotlight on young professionals who have shown exemplary leadership qualities and a strong commitment to the Hispanic community. Along the HACR programs, the HACR Annual Symposium, broadens the discussion on the importance and overall value of Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America.

“It is where top corporate officers discuss best practices related to inclusive employment and retention strategies—increasing the Hispanic Consumer Market (HCM) outreach, brand loyalty, and diversity in corporate boardrooms,” says Solis Gomez.

During HACR’s Leadership Pipeline Program (LPP), which takes place in the fall, mid-level executives have the opportunity to engage in business sessions, develop leadership skills, and receive sage advice from senior executives.

In addition to their programs, the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility also has a research institute. The HACR Research Institute (HRI) is devoted to objective research, analysis, and publication of Hispanic-related issues in Corporate America.

One of the research initiatives is the HACR “Corporate Inclusion Index.” This annual report analyzes the state of the Hispanic community and the best corporate practices for employment, procurement, philanthropy, and governance.

“The HACR Corporate Inclusion Index rates corporations in the United States relative to their total Hispanic inclusion practices,” says Solis Gomez. “By providing information on the status of Hispanics in Corporate America, HACR can focus on issues relevant to Hispanics and investigate solutions to the inequality that exists.”
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