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Diane Wong

Harvard Law School Alumna, Wellness Entrepreneur, and Diversity Podcaster

Acutely aware of social justice issues and the importance of attention to detail, Diane Wong earned a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School, with a concentration in evidence and procedure.  While there, she became certified in mediation and conflict resolution. After graduating, Diane pursued a career in higher education and local government administrative law, focusing on the fine details of regulation, the regulatory process, and the role of emotion in conflict in the employment arena and social justice.

During that time, Diane explored the role that emotion plays in shaping our lives and, by the early 2000s, was actively inquiring into the spiritual aspects of life.  Ultimately, her seeking brought her to yoga and meditation. In 2008, Diane became a certified yoga and meditation instructor and has since built her own practice.  

Diane hosts the weekly “Let’s Talk About Race Podcast,” in partnership with Somerville Media Center.