The Dhol Foundation at The Sinclair


The Dhol Foundation set out to really explore the capabilities and diverse range of music from various cultures around the world. This openness to other cultures sets the group apart from other dhol groups. This is, the unique sound of the Dhol Foundation and, the reason why the dhol has been exposed to cultures and countries where it has never been heard before…..TDF style! Rock, pop and electronic, drum and bass, classical elements it’s all in there.


Johnny Kalsi, the UK’s most celebrated player of the Punjabi dhol drum, is no stranger to audiences across Europe. As a member of Afro Celt Sound Sytem, Imagined Village and Trans-global Underground he’s featured in more bills than most. But it’s The Dhol Foundation that’s his pride and joy, the organisation that delivers a now legendary wall of sound, global rhythms and thumping contemporary beats with the effervescent Johnny at the heart of their live shows.


The full stage show features an energetic batteria of dhols up front, bass, drums, guitar, dholak and can include bhangra dancers and guest singers powering out a sound that’s as eclectic as it is forceful. TDF The musical influences are drawn from a rich pallet of global sounds and it’s the openness to exploring the music of other cultures that has always set TDF apart from other Dhol groups.


The Dhol Foundation will perform at The Sinclair on Sept. 25. Showtime is 7 PM. Tickets $20.