The body thinks first, making dance one of the most honest forms of expression. Examples of expressions within activism such as: fist-up, hands-up, sit-in, and die-in, show us that everyday gestures give human beings a unique vocabulary to communicate with people around the world.

Dance for Social Justice is a process-based workshop that delves into the universal language of movement, to generate conversations and create art around social justice issues in our communities. Participants exercise solidarity through group-work, the exchange of ideas, and by engaging on intentional discussions. Through a guided dance composition process, participants explore elements of dance composition to create dance pieces with their groups. An informal showing, and a feedback/Q&A session, brings closure to the workshop.

The Dance for Social Justice workshop takes place Sat, July 8, from 1 – 4:00 PM at Integrarte (85 Seaverns Ave, Boston). Free