Christopher Morgan

chrism_125pxChristopher Morgan

Associate Commodity Manager, Global Supply Chain — Ocean Spray Cranberries

Christopher Morgan is an Associate Commodity Manager in the Global Supply Chain for Ocean Spray Cranberries. Working with the company for a year and recently promoted from Assistant Buyer, his team is responsible for all of the purchasing of ingredients, packaging, and capital for the Grower-Owner Cooperative. As a member of a four-person sub-group managing packaging, Chris is responsible for the procurement and management of closures (single and multi-serve), cans (aluminum and steel), blackberry concentrate, pectin, flexible films, and miscellaneous packaging supporting the global marketplace.

Prior to Ocean Spray, Chris was a full-time student-athlete and a member of the Men’s Basketball team at the College of the Holy Cross. Outside of his studies, Chris was active within his on-campus community, serving on the Community Standards Board, leadership in Working For Worcester, serving as a program assistant for the Odyssey Orientation program (for ALANA & International Students), and giving back as a mentor for first-year students.

Chris received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Graduating as a Presidential Award Scholar for his community service and giving back to the Greater Worcester community, Chris is still active as a young professional. He is currently active in the alumni community and most recently served as a speaker on the first Mental Health Awareness in Student Athletes panel at the college to raise awareness of mental health with Student-Athletes. In addition, Chris is currently active in his new community as a volunteer coach at King Philip High School and is working with (and fundraising for) the Special Olympics.