Chirfi Guindo

Chirfi GuindoChirfi Guindo

Executive Vice President, Head of Global Marketing, Market Access & Customer Innovation — Biogen

Chirfi Guindo was named Executive Vice President, Head of Global Marketing, Market Access and Customer Innovation at Biogen in November of 2017. Before coming to Biogen, he was the President & Managing Director of Merck Canada, one of Merck’s priority Top10 global markets. He was appointed in October 2014 to lead this subsidiary of ~$1B sales/ 800 employees.

During his tenure at Merck, his responsibilities included; General Manager for Merck’s HIV franchise globally, VP & Managing Director of MSD Netherlands, Managing Director of MSD in South Africa, Business Unit Director MSD Netherlands, and General Manager for Merck’s Africa. Chirfi is also the former Chair of the Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry of South Africa (IMSA) where he led important negotiations with the Government aimed at ensuring broader access to innovative medicines as well as greater affordability and sustainability.

Before joining Merck, Chirfi had worked as a Systems Engineer for SESA (CapGemini Group) in France for ~2 years.

Chirfi graduated with a degree in Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Paris (France) and obtained an MBA in Finance/ Economics from New York University/ Stern School of Business (USA).