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Cheryl Grace

CEO & Founder — Powerful Penny, LLC

Cheryl Grace is a highly sought-after executive coach and speaker committed to coaching women on how to be their best multi-dimensional selves: unapologetically fabulous at work, in love, and at home.

With a corporate career that spanned 25+ years as a global brand strategist, managing high-stake projects Cheryl provided strategic counsel to Fortune 500 clients, C-suite executives, and elected officials. During her years as a corporate powerhouse, she was regarded as a pioneer who shifted the narrative and changed the way the nation and corporations regarded Black America’s spending power and cultural influence, long before it was trendy to do so. As the CEO and founder of Powerful Penny LLC, a transformative, lifestyle brand that provides empowerment resources, online courses, workshops, and executive coaching services, Cheryl has refocused her work from successfully transforming corporate reputations to transforming individuals striving for next-level advancement.

She has been profiled in Forbes, named one of Black Enterprise Magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Business Women,” a “Remarkable Person” by the Chicago Tribune, and a “Distinguished Alum” by Purdue University. You can connect with her on LinkedIn at Cheryl Grace and follow her on social media under the handle I Am Cheryl Grace. Or visit her website, if you are interested in scheduling a Complimentary Finding Your Fabulosity Discovery Session.