Bringing Innovation to Animation

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By Jailene Adorno

Do you ever think about the movements that are being captured in the scenes of action movies or video games?

Under CEO, Marla Rausch, Animation Vertigo has been providing motion capture services for well over ten years. Rausch saw an opportunity when she noticed the trend of production companies releasing motion capture trackers once a project was done. These trackers, who were temp or contract workers, would leave for another job and the production company would have to re-train, re-hire, and repeat the process.

“[I thought] what if there was a company that [production companies] could go to where they can have access to talented, full-time animators?” says Rausch.

Animation Vertigo is a company that “provides high-quality and reliable solutions for motion capture and animation needs” for video games, television shows, and movies.

Between beta testing software, traveling to see clients, and meeting with her team in the Philippines, Rausch has her hands full as the CEO. However, as a big believer in building relationships, one of the most important aspects of her role is making sure that her clients are supported.

While there aren’t a lot of women in the motion capture animation space, Rausch leads the charge of all operations for Animation Vertigo and she makes it known with each and every meeting she walks into.

“Being a woman in the industry was a little tricky. There weren’t a lot of women and there still aren’t,” says Rausch. “Whenever I was talking to [potential clients], I had to make sure they knew that they weren’t talking to a marketing person and that I was the decision maker.”

Rausch is a huge advocate for getting more girls and women into STEM roles. She wants to set an example for her daughter—seeing a woman as the CEO of her own company is not only possible, but it’s also 100% normal.

With Animation Vertigo, Rausch has the opportunity to give back to the people of the Philippines by outsourcing some of the motion capture animation. She loves that she can help those who love video games and movies use their talents to work on the things they’re most passionate about.

“I get so inspired when I see new technology,” she says. “It reminds me of how innovative and creative our minds are.”  

One factor that has influenced her leadership the most is her culture. She likes to think positively and treat her clients with the utmost hospitality. Although her development team is external, their dedication to their work never goes unnoticed. Rausch spoke about a time when there was a great deal of flooding in the Philippines and her team was on a deadline. The team was able to work through the flood and Rausch made it her mission to ensure that the Animation Vertigo staff were not only safe, but that they had all of the resources they could possibly need.

“They have a compassion and love for the company because of what they do,” says Rausch. “If they take care of us, we take care of them.” 

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