Ayumi Ueda

Ayumi Ueda: Singing Peace and Healing Around the Globe

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By Juri Love

Boston, MA — “Before I do anything, whether I’m teaching, singing, or healing, I make sure to bring my best and highest self to the task. I try to be mindful of the kinds of energy I bring to my communities and to the world,” shared Ayumi Ueda, spiritual artist, musician, and founder of international vocal group Women of the World (WOW). 

“I would like to enjoy my life to the fullest, be grateful and happy with what I have at this moment,” she said. 

Ueda, originally from Tokyo, is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and holds a degree in Professional Music. In 2008, a year after her enrollment, Ueda founded the A Cappella group WOW with a mission to bring women musicians from across the globe to explore and celebrate the cultural diversity that exists in the daily lives of women around the world.

“My responsibility as the founder and a visionary is to make sure WOW stays true to its mission: spreading the message of love and peace through music,” Ueda explained.

Ueda joined forces with like-minded vocalists, Giorgia Renosto from Italy, Annette Philip from India, Débòrah Pierre from USA/Haiti to manifest this vision. 

WOW has toured North America and Asia serving as cultural ambassadors of peace and unity; WOW has collaborated with the United Nations, performed in 31 languages, and shared their message on legendary stages such as Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, The Kennedy Center, The Apollo Theater.

Having the opportunity to spend a decade following her dreams and promoting peace around the globe is one of the many blessings Ueda is grateful for daily. 

“Success,” she explained, “is a state of being, not an object [to acquire]. I consider myself successful because I’m content with where I’m at, confident in what I do,” she said.

Ueda encourages others to pursue what makes you happy, builds your confidence, and allows you to be your true self. Ueda’s most recent pursuit is the “100 Voices, 1 Heart” Project; she aims to create a choir of singers from 100 different countries by 2020.  

“My goal is to create a platform through which the participants use song to connect with one another, beyond the boundaries of country, culture, and language. Using this positive energy will continue forwarding our message of peace to the world,” she said. 

Impressively, Ueda raised over $17,770 through crowdfunding in just thirty-three days. 

To learn more about Ayumi Ueda and support her vision, visit her website: almavoice.com 

Photo Description: from left, Debo Ray(Haiti) Ayumi Ueda(Japan), Annette Philip(India) and Giorgia Renosto(Italy) 

Credit: Photography by Taiga Kunii