The Daniel Gutierrez Interview, Part 4

Daniel Gutierrez, keynote speaker for the 2015 All Inclusive Awards on Dec. 3, is an international business consultant, radio personality, renowned motivational speaker and spiritual teacher who have inspired people to make positive changes that lead to success. Leveraging his experience, his infectious humor, and his deep belief that there is greatness in each of us has helped transform individuals all over the world.

The following is part four of our interview with Daniel Gutierrez. To read part one, click HERE. To read part two of the interview, click HERE. For part three, click HERE.


What exactly is your role as an advisor to the Department of White House Personnel for the Obama Administration? How did you get the post and how do you think you have motivated the administration while you held it?

I am one of many folks that the department of White House personnel uses to help fill high level positions. I was at the White House at a press conference with VP Biden with the president of PRIMER and asked if I could be of service with my wide network and they said yes. As far as motivating them, it was not part of work my with them. It was me being of service to our country by assisting Latinos and people of color get a chance at high level positions at the White House.


Along with everything else, you lead tour groups to Machu Picchu on what your website calls A Journey through Mystical Peru with Master Teacher Daniel Gutierrez. These trips sound less business oriented than a ‘spiritual journey.’  What inspired you to hosts such events? How are the trips different than your motivational events? How are they alike? What is the connection, for you, between business and spirituality?

These aren’t really tour groups; they’re really spiritual journeys where I go with a group of people to one of the most naturally beautiful, unspoiled places in the world and help them rediscover their inner self and reenergize their spirits. It is in no way a business retreat: There’s no cell service, no wireless, no way for people to conduct business while they are down there. And I wouldn’t let them anyway, because that is not why they are there. They have to leave all that behind and walk into the jungle and begin that journey of rediscovery. If you don’t think you can last two weeks in a paradise like Peru without checking in at the office, then maybe it’s not the right time for you to make the journey.

Life moves at a very different pace in Peru than it does back home or in the business world and I don’t want anyone to think they are going to change that. I want them to instead slow down and enjoy the life that is there at its own pace.  I know it takes some adjusting, but I also know that the rewards are worth it. And it’s not only for business people, either. These trips to Peru are for anybody who feels that need to step outside the circle and reevaluate their life before it gets too late.

As for the connection between spirituality and business, all I can say is listen to the people who have taken that journey with me and how different they felt when they returned. They’ve had a wonderful opportunity to travel to a new culture, experience it on a deep, spiritual level and been able to take that experience and apply it to becoming the person they always wanted to be. You can’t go through that and not come back a better employer, employee or human being.


All talk of business aside, how would you describe a perfect day in the life of Daniel Gutierrez?

A perfect day? First I’d wake up and perform the sacred ceremony, like I do every day, and then I’d contact my son and spend some time talking to him. After that, I’d just like to see where the day takes me. I love what I do, so just having the freedom to continue doing that, and to continue to be happy every day, would be perfect for me. I’m a man at peace with himself and his life. I lost my father when I was five years old, so I learned at an early time how special life is as well as to not fear death when you’re your time comes. I tell my son that if my time were to come today, he can believe that his dad is all right. I’ve had a full life and I live every day to the fullest. I’m a man at peace.


The 2015 All-Inclusive Awards, an evening to honor those who have made a commitment to diversity and inclusion in their careers, take place on December 3, 2015, from 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

The evening includes an intimate dinner, keynote speakers and an awards ceremony where three individuals and three organizations are recognized in the following categories: Leadership; Supplier Diversity; Change Agent. For tickets and more information, click HERE.

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