The Results Are In: Shoppers in MA Celebrate Small Business Saturday

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By Evan J. Cutts

Small Business Saturday celebrated its eighth anniversary over Thanksgiving weekend, with shoppers across the country supporting the local businesses that make our communities thrive. 2017‘s Small Business Saturday 50-State Survey, released by American Express and the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), produced revealing information regarding which businesses national consumers support, both on a national level, and a state level. And the state of Massachusetts was no exception.

Bakeries came in as the most favored retail business in the national average, while on the state level, 44% of Massachusetts shoppers ranked restaurants/pubs/bars number one.

The 2017 Survey also collected data on community perspectives on small businesses, such as which businesses individuals most associated with their community and which small businesses communities want more of.

Results showed that 34% of Massachusetts shoppers associate their communities with restaurants/bars/pubs, compared to 30% of the national average survey. 22% of Massachusetts residents stated their desire for more bakeries in the community, and 21% for more restaurants, bars, and pubs.

It’s safe to say that Massachusetts shoppers prefer enjoying a dining and drinking experience out on the town, which is on par for the national poll with 24% wanting more locally-owned dining options in their communities.

For those of you who are entrepreneurial minded or looking to start a new consumer-based business, it seems that a unique dining and drinking establishment is a safe bet.  Nearly a third of our nation’s population love to dine out, and the stats on this trend show no signs of a slow down anytime soon.

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