PRISMWORK Presents: The HEARTI:Leader Quotient

With today’s challenges of attracting and retaining the best talent, workplaces require HEARTI Leaders to inspire better-performing teams.


HEARTI:Leader Quotient is the foundational tool to level up the next generation of 21st-century leadership. This FREE self-assessment gives you real insights and a new perspective about your leadership skills in as little as 15 minutes.

Ditch those old-school tactics and know what it takes to be a modern leader. Humility, Empathy, Accountability, Resiliency Transparency, and Inclusivity are often overlooked, but these skills make the strongest impact on team success.

At, You get an easy-to-follow report including your score and practical tips to build a personalized leader development plan. Create environments where you empower staff to do their best work and produce the most effective results for your organization. Get more than just a personality profile. Gain a data-backed account of how your HEARTI Leadership can improve your team’s success at no cost.

Spend valuable time developing the skills that define 21st-Century leadership. Begin your assessment with Prismwork today!

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About HEARTI:Leader Quotient

HEARTI:Leader Quotient is PrismWork’s foundational tool for 21st-Century leadership and measures the actions and behaviors of people who want to transform the way the world works. Focus on leadership growth and development that enhance your journey. Gain the tools to communicate the leadership style that represents your strengths. Create an easy-to-follow development plan for your leadership growth.

About Prismwork:

At PrismWork, we provide data-driven insights, advisory services, and leadership training to support the 21st century company.