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kemi   Kemi Asani, MPA

  Owner, Choreographer, and Sweat Coach — AFROBEAT FIT®

Kemi Asani, also known as Kemi Omisore is leading the movement of the diaspora known as AFROBEAT FIT®. She is of the West African Diaspora; hailing from Nigeria and Liberia, but born in the United States. Her childhood in Providence, Rhode Island ignited her passion for culture and diversity as she was always surrounded by a concoction of people and cultures from all over the globe.

Kemi spent years navigating the terrain of standard schooling and acquired a Master’s in Public Administration and found herself in the realm of Higher Education working in Diversity & Inclusion and Academic Support Services. She feels most impactful when creating positive change within the lives of others. She also trained as a professional dancer and has been dancing/ training since the age of 2. This passion segued into an interest in sports, fitness, and wellness. She later explored the road of entrepreneurship through various business ventures from college to the present. These intersections of her life eventually converged on the road of AFROBEAT FIT®!

AFROBEAT FIT® is the perfect marriage of cultural inclusion, dance, & wellness solidarity amongst scattered nations. Every event hosted by AFROBEAT FIT® is an opportunity to reimagine what engaging and inclusive fitness looks like in the African Diaspora!

Currently, Kemi is continuing the necessary work of healing the diaspora through dance and stretching!